Guggenheim Foundation

                     Mason Welch Gross:  First President
                              (Ex President of Rutgers)                                                              Harry Frank Guggenheim​ (1890-1971)

H. F. GUGGENHEIM FOUNDATION: Man's Relation to Man Program
Activities as Director of Research with Lionel Tiger 1972-84
As well as the administration of the Foundation's research support program, which involved the solicitation, initiation,
assessment, supervision and evaluation of more than 300 research grants (see Foundation quinquennial reports for details),
I organized or co-organized the following international conferences supported wholly or in part by the Foundation:
Aggression and Violence (Stanhope Hotel, New York City, l972)
Brain and Behavior (New York State, 1976)
Female Hierarchies (New York City, 1974) Published as
FEMALE HIERARCHIES, Lionel Tiger and Heather Fowler eds. (1978)
Human Ethology and Social Anthroplogy  (Special Session of the
decennial meeting of the Association of Social Anthroplogists
of the Commonwealth, Rhodes House, Oxford University, 1974)
(Published as BIOSOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY, R. Fox ed., q. v. under "Books"
Kin Selection and Kinship Theory
(Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, Paris, 1978)
Modernization and Human Nature (In cooperation with the Nobel
Foundation and the Rockefeller Bros. Foundation, Ulriksdal
Palace, Stockholm, 1978)
Neonate and Infant Cognition
(Rockefeller University, New York City, 1980)
(Published as NEONATE COGNITION: Beyond the buzzing, blooming confusion.
Jaques Mehler and Robin Fox eds, q. v. under "Books"

                                                                                             The Founder Effect
                 General Jimmy ("Ten minutes over Tokyo") Doolittle, Harry Guggenheim and Charles Lindbergh discuss the Foundation.

Below is a list of some of the grantees 1974-78 

Norman Alcock                                                                                               
Jerome Barchas
Nicholas Blurton Jones
Napoleon Chagnon
Michael Chance
Ivan Chase
Martin Daly
Irven DeVore
Mildred Dickeman
Paul Eckman
Frank Ervin
Michael McGuire
Arthur Kling
Daniel Freedman
Jane Goodall
David Hamburg
William Irons
Daniel Kahneman
Amos Tversky
Melvin Konner
Marjorie Shostak
Robert J Lifton
Alexander Marshack
Allan Mazur
Jacques Mehler
Patricia Moehlman 
Desmond Morris
A E Pusey
Craig Packer
D E Redmond
Donald Symons
H S Terrace
T G Bever
Robert Trivers
Hope Hare
Beatrice Whiting
Sherwood Washburn
Jonathan Winson
Richard Dawkins
​Robert Sapolsky

1978-82 (Some of the above grants carried over)

Jeanne Altman
David Barash
Brian Bertram
Christopher Boehm
Hilary Callan
Ivan Chase
James Chisholm
John H. Crook
Martin Daly
Raymond Hames
Clifford Jolly
Patricia Goldman-Rakic
James Gould
Donald R. Griffin
Horst D. Steklis
Andre Roche-Lecours
Wayde C. Mackey
Peter Marsh
Irene Pepperberg
Stanley Rothman
Jon P. Rood
Edward O. Wilson
Robert M. Seyfarth
Dorothy Cheney Seyfarth

                                                                                                Fox and Tiger                                                                                     
                                                                                                The Conduit

 Early Grant Recipients - Now Prominent
Alex the African grey parrot (RIP): Irene Pepperberg                                   Edward O. Wilson

                                    Robert Trivers:
             Crafoord Prize of the Royal Swedish Academy

  Richard Dawkins  FRS
Jane Goodall and friend                                                                                            Robert Sapolsky
                                                                                                                                   McArthur Fellow
                                                                                                                            Behave. WSJ columnist

Daniel Kahneman: Nobel Prize 
    in Economic Sciences 
Judgment under Uncertainty
    with Amos Tversky
  Melvin Konner: The Evolution of Childhood,
The Tangled Wing,
!Kung San (Bushmen)

Trivers receives the Crafoord Prize from
             Queen Sylvia of Sweden